High Sensitive Coaching

How to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person


Podcast Sensitive and Strong

Every two weeks (or so) I ma creating a new podcast with all kind of information regarding to being a Highly Sensitive person. Sometimes I have an interesting conversation with a colleague about being Sensitive.

Confident HSP

Learn how to become a confident HSP, to no longer feel unsure and to  be comfortable in your own skin. So often we adapt to our surroundings and feel unsure about our sensitivity because we don’t always fit in. With this online 10 week program led by Annet de Zwart, you will learn to understand how confidence works and how to change in to being a confident HSP!  More info here.

Becoming an Empowered HSP

Becoming an Empowered HSP. An online 10 week program led by Annet de Zwart, that will give you all the tools to become more empowered. You find and become your unique empowered HSP self. You’ll go through the program in a small group where you’ll get lots of support and a sense of community. New dates will be planned in the new year. More info here.

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