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The confident HSP program, a ten week program to find your confidence

Confident HSP Program

What do we need most as HSP’s? Besides self care and boundaries I would say that confidence is a big one, to be ourselves, without the need to adapt all the time because we otherwise don’t fit in. 

5 live Zoom sessions to deepen the understanding you will get from the video’s you will be able to watch before each session at your own convenience.

First part is about what is confident  behavior, what is not, learning to recognize the behavior. The brain science behind confident behavior, how does your brain work. Also, the things that steal your confidence, getting insight what exactly takes away your confidence.

Second part is all about clarifying your own values, wants and needs. Also how to master your mindset, learning tools how to get your focus back on what you want.

Third part is about taming your triggers and learning how to move beyond them, to get yourself into a confident place.

Fourth part is about how to make confident decisions

Last and fifth part is about communication confidently. 

All the different parts together will give you a secure, confident self, having an understanding of how to become more confident and to take it back when you did loose it. 


For who is this program?

This is a program for HSP’s who have worked on themselves for a while, who have a basic understanding what it means to be HSP, but have difficulty to feel confident. If you are ready to take the step to become more confident, and to really take action to make positive changes to your life, this program is a good fit!

Confidence is something you can learn, it is not merely a result of years of experience, but you can learn certain behavior and understand what confidence is made up of. With this course you will get a very good understanding of what you need to do to become more comfortable in your own skin, to learn about the things that will create a better life for you. To go through life confident and fully embrace who you are.

If you are ready and willing to learn new things and gain insight on what helps you to become a more confident HSP you will find this training very helpful. It will give you steps and tools how to deal with it.



Practical info: There are two ways to do this program;

With both options you will get:

Access to the private Facebook group which will offer continuous support and a community of others who are learnig and growing.

The course has every two weeks new video’s and handouts.

One: the group version: A new group will start on November 4 2022! There will be 5 live group Zoom sessions of 2 hours each. We will also use breakout rooms (small groups of 2-3 persons). You will have time to connect with others attending, share experiences and ask questions. A small group of maximum 6 persons.

Meeting dates; November 4 and 18, December 2,16 and 30. Each time we will meet from 5pm-7pm European time (CEST) which is 8am Pacific, and 11am EST. 

The group program is $295 / €295

Or two; one on one version. Five live Zoom sessions with me to be planned when it fits your schedule.  You’ll have all the time to explore and discuss your personal experiences with me. You can start anytime you want. This option costs $595,- / €595

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