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How to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person

Coaching program 

Becoming an Empowered and Confident HSP

How to Become an Empowered HSP?

Find and become your unique empowered self as an HSP.

Learn how to deal with your struggles of being yourself as an HSP. To feel comfortable in your own skin, to know ways to calm yourself down, to know what you need, and to be capable to see to it that you get it, to have good boundaries.

The topics we can work on according to the what you would like to work on (program is flexible to your needs) ;

  • Getting a deeper understanding of the trait and the various aspects of it, how does being introvert, extrovert or being High Sensation Seeking influence it. Learn how to self soothe, become aware of your needs and wants and what to do about it. 
  • Accepting who you are, how to get there. Learning to create a balance between what you need and what you can do. How to create healthier thinking patterns so you’ll have more ease and less frustration in your life. 
  • How to deal with your surroundings, if people don’t understand you, if you have difficulty to explain it. Learning healthy thinking, letting go of worries and creating healthy boundaries.
  • How to deal with the overwhelm. How stress works and learning to listen to your body and act accordingly.
  • The seven levels of energy that influence your daily life and how you see the world. Optional added Energy LEadership assement to find out all about how you see the world and the lenses you have that color your view.
  • Confidence coaching; I use the method of the America Confidence Institute to help you gain insight in what confidence is, and what is not. Help you get a clear understanding of the behavior that is confident and how to increase that for yourself. Confidence coaching takes a minumum of  5 sessions and has a number of sections we work on. You can always add more sessions should you want to. Topics that come up with confidence coaching are; what is confident behavior, what is not, recognizing behavior. The brain science behind confident behavior, how does your brain work. Also, the things that steal your confidence, getting insight what exactly takes away your confidence. Clarifying your own values, wants and needs. Mastering your mindset, learning tools how to get your focus back on what you want. Taming your triggers and learning how to move beyond them, to get yourself into a confident place. Another part is how to make confident decisions and how to commuincate clear and confident.   All the different parts together will give you a secure, confident self, having an understanding of how to become more confident and to take it back when you did loose it.



For who is this coaching program?

If you are ready to make the step to become more empowered, to stop feeling helpless and to take action to make positive changes to your life, my coaching program is a good fit!

The road to empowerment is a bumpy one, often with trial and error. This coaching program is designed so you will get some very good understanding of what you need to do to become more comfortable in your own skin, to do the things that will create a better life for you. So ultimately, you will be  more comfortable in y our own skin and feel happy with who you are.

If you are ready and willing to honestly look at yourself and be open to create new patterns you will find this coaching program very helpful. It will not be ‘the cure’ for your sensitivity, but it will give you steps and tools how to deal with it.

Reactions of people who went through the program:

“Thank you! I found it really helpful feeling like I’m more empowered in my world, more in charge, less a victim.”

“I’ve known about HSP for years but now I’m feeling ok about myself for the first time.”

“It has been such a great course to get to know better who I am and also accept who I am”

“It is such a gift that I am able to teach my son this now as well.”


Practical info:

You can contact me to design a program designed around your specific needs.

  • The number of coaching sessions are dependent on your needs and your progress. The time it takes to work on your needs and get success is also partly influenced by your own determination to work on things. Of course I will support you with all my knowledge and tools!
  • Some topics that are mentioned have online video’s with content that will help you understand certain dynamics and tools that I teach. This to keep our time we have together in sessions on target and use our time  as best as we can.  

If you have any questions or if you are ready to sign up go to my calendar to schedule a free first meeting or email me to get started!

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