High Sensitive Coaching

How to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Person

A workshop led by Tom Falkenstein and Annet de Zwart on Self care and Empowerment for HSP’s is planned for 2024.

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The Highly Sensitive Life


This is the second HSP-workshop on ‘Self-Care and Empowerment’ offered by Tom Falkenstein and Annet de Zwart. Our last HSP workshop took place in 2020 and was sold out. This workshop in a three day expereince which will allow participants more time for reflection and to deepen their work and experiences. there is also plenty of time to connect to other HSP’s between sessions.


In this three-day workshop we are going to explore some of the challenges and joys of being highly sensitive. In a safe group setting in the beautiful surroundings of an old convent, participants will learn how to better deal with the overstimulation and strong feelings that every highly sensitive person knows well. There will also be a strong focus on empowerment and self-care and on how we can learn to thrive as highly sensitive people.The aim of this workshop is to provide participants with concrete tools and techniques to better deal with the challenges that come from being highly sensitive, but equally provide a warm and welcoming space for sharing and interacting with each other

The Highly Sensitive Life: Self-Care and Empowerment



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