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A presentation on HSP for your organization?


I have attended a training with Elain Aron in person in March 2018 on the latest research and all kinds of information regarding the trait and I would love to pass this on! If there is an organization or group of people you think would benefit by a presentation on HSP you can contact me for more information and prices. It can be in person in the Netherlands or via Zoom, Skype etc. A lot is possible so if you are interested contact me! A presentation can be in English or Dutch.



Two HSP Gathering retreats in 2018


An HSP Gathering is a unique happening, you could call it a workshop were you get to meet other HSP's and enjoy and learning together. Because everyone there is HSP it creates a great atmosfere, in stead of the non-HSP's setting the norm the HSP's set it. That is why you can be completely yourself, because you are accepted for who you are and don't have to waste energy on being someone you are not, and that can be a life altering experience for some. And if you are an HSP who is reasonably on his/her way of a happy life, as Jacquelyn Strickland calls it, an empowered HSP, it is still a great experience, there is always a lot you can learn. I have been to two Gatherings as participant and I've had the priviledge of being co-host for two times and they have been an awesome experiences! (being co-host at a Gathering is a volunteer job, so I'm gaining only experiences)

I just love being around other HSP's and I always feel energized afterwards. For more information about the experience you can always fill out my contact form and I will get back to you within 24 hours. If you want more information about the retreat itself you can find that on Jacquelyn Strickland's her page

The next two Gatherings will be June 14-18 in Dorset, UK, I will be co-host again here, and one in Phoenicia, NY, USA September 30 - October 4.




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