High Sensitive Coaching

Learning how to thrive as a HSP

There are a lot of interesting pages to find on the interent but sometimes it is very hard to find reliable ones. Here are some that I find are very informative. I'll add new pages every now and then so check back once in a while.


Website from Elain Aron:

You'll find lots of information here and also several tests you can do to find out if you or your child is HSP.


Website from Jacquelyn Strickland, she organizes the HSP Gathereing Retreats. These are 5 days meetings were you can experience being amongst HSP's and learn all about the trait.


The National Centre for High Sensitivity (UK)


iPEC the coach training program (the best there is to my belief) I took.


The ICF, International Coaching Federation were I am a member of and hold an ACC acreditation.


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