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Learning how to thrive as a HSP

I believe that situations in our lives do not ‘just’ happen by coincidence. Every situation in your life happens for a reason, sometimes not always clear right away but when becoming aware what it means in your life you will see a pattern or a pointer in a certain direction. Sometimes you will discover that you are not happy with how things are, so then your goal becomes to change something for the better, sometimes an experience teaches you that you have to set stronger boundaries, and sometimes you just find something that you just really, really want, but at the time don’t see how it could be possible for you to have…


All experiences in life help you navigate to the life that you want for yourself. Every event tells you something about your values, your wishes, your desires. So when you live in the moment and are aware of your reactions and thoughts and feelings you use it as an inner compass to guide you to the life you want. This way there is also less stress because every experience is an opportunity to learn something and if necessary change something. Sometimes it is not very hard to see these pointers of life, for example when you are not fit and might be a little overweight you know that you just have to start exercising or change your eat pattern. But at other times it is harder, like when you are tired a lot and feel so overwhelmed all the time and tired and you just don’t know what to change to feel better.


I am a Certified Professional Coach since 2011, trained by iPEC (institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), the best coaching school! I use my sensitivity and intuition as a guide while coaching. Further trainings I have done are Stresscounseling and MBCT (Mindfulness).

I believe that learning never stops so I continue to do trainings and workshops to expand my knowledge.


As a person I am non judgmental, honest and can see things in perspective. I lived in different countries (USA, Aruba) which has given me a very open-minded view. At this time I live in the Netherlands, Europe with my husband and two kids.


I am a member of the ICF (International Coach Federation) and have an ACC credential and coach according to their code of Ethics. I am also on Elaine Aron’s list of certified coaches.

My view of Highly Sensitive Persons is also based on the research of Elaine Aron (hsperson.com)




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